The powerful but compact RTI PIKO 65 is suitable for outdoor laser show applications at concerts, festivals, and other huge events with easy operation due to the built-in software and DMX control. The PIKO is equipped with the latest RSL Semiconductor modules (RSL) making it an amazing laser for beam shows and demanding graphic projections such as laser mapping or projections over long distances. The high-end performance is part of the PIKO's DNA and makes this possible due to the great performance combination of the semiconductor RSL & top scanners
  • 65 W guaranteed power
  • Advanced RTI Semiconductor laser modules (RSL) produce a perfect shaped beam profile for red & blue and green.
  • Maintenance free laser system
  • RSL modules with no color misalignment
  • New advanced sealed optical section with no color misalignment
  • Graphics capable - scanners
  • Full-color mixing
  • Extremely sharp intense beams - low divergence
  • Integrated intelligent LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard and ShowNET Laser Mainboard
  • Integrated Touch-Display for adjustment of basic functions
  • Integrated network switch for linking the control signal
  • FB4-QS MAX optional integration
  • Rugged tour-grade compact housing
  • 360° Bracket with quick-lock system

Controladora ShowNET de serie:
  • Varias opciones de control: ILDA, DMX Profesional (dos modos), Art-Net Profesional (dos modos), Funcionamiento autónomo, Master-Slave, Receptor de streaming ILDA, LAN (control por ordenador, DAC integrado)
  • Crea contenido personalizado, almacénalo dentro del láser y reprodúcelo en diferentes modos
  • Software de control de espectáculos láser gratuito incluido
Stand-Alone modeMODO AUTÓNOMO:
El láser funciona de forma autónoma y no necesita ningún control. Reproduce el contenido almacenado en la placa base del láser.
El láser se puede controlar con un controlador DMX estándar o un software DMX.
ArtNET modeModo de Control ArtNET
Un láser envía los comandos de control y los demás lo siguen. Funciona con los modos Autónomo y Audio-Luz.
LAN connectionMODO LAN:
El láser puede ser controlado a través de la LAN - que puede ser directamente por software, o ArtNET o similar (dependiendo de la placa base)
ILDA connectionModo ILDA:
El láser puede controlarse a través de ILDA estándar, la señal de control analógica para control de láser. Se pueden utilizar convertidores digitales-analógicos (DAC) externos.
ILDA StreamingStreaming ILDA
El láser está equipado con la avanzada controladora láser ShowNET que aporta multitud de características al láser y lo convierte en un dispositivo de iluminación inteligente.
Free Showeditor laser software includedSHOWEDITOR INCLUIDO:
Se incluye la versión completa del software Showeditor, para el control de espectáculos láser.
Built with the latest RTI Semiconductor Laser Module technology!

The RTI PIKO 65 is made in Germany and is a compact show laser system in a rugged, dust-proof housing that is ideally suited for top professional laser show applications of any kind. It is built with the latest RTI semiconductor laser modules that are specially designed in a way to keep spot size as well as divergence equal on both x- and y-axis. This is significantly advantageous over solutions with a very good divergence on one axis, but a bad divergence on the other. The laser modules inside the RTI PIKO 65 are different - the spot size and shape is equal for all colors and on both axis!

The beam specifications of the new RTI PIKO 65 are given with only ca. 10 mm diameter and <0.8 mrad divergence - which applies to both axis. The extremely small beam diameter allows for the use of very small mirrors, which results in reduced inertia and thus very good scanning performance.


  • 65 W total RGB power in a small housing of only 271 x 491 x 296 mm
  • super small spot of ca. 10 mm for reduced inertia and thus fast scanning
  • extremely low divergence of less than <0.8 mrad - on both axis!
  • Integrated network switch for linking the control signal
  • Maintenance free, no misalignment: new generation of laser color combination
  • Compact form factor, module size equal to the Coherent OPSL modules
  • extremely lightweight unit with only 28 kg
  • Different, brighter wavelengths for increased visibility
  • brilliant colors and great color fading
  • Laser modules do not come out of internal alignment
  • Maintenance free laser modules
  • Interlock / e-stop signal can be daisy-chained
  • High quality product, made in Germany
  • Great scanning performance suitable for projections as well as for beams

The RTI PIKO 65 impresses with a guaranteed RGB output power of 65'000 mW. Great visibility is achieved with the new RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules (RSL) with special wavelengths for increased visibility: 24'000 mW / 637 nm for a very bright red combined with a strong blue laser module with 30'000 mW / 455 nm. The 22'000 mW / 525 nm 525 nm modules have increased visibility compared to normal diode modules.
These new RSL modules with their extremely low divergence and homogenous beam shape make the RTI PIKO 65 a top professional laser system. The extremely small beam diameter of only ca. 10 mm allows for the use of small scanner mirrors which leads to reduced inertia and higher scan speeds. This is especially important, as the RTI PIKO 65 can be used for any kind of laser show application: Super sharp beams and vivid colors for large scale concerts and festivals but also a perfectly matched beam for crisp graphics.

The RTI Semiconductor Laser Modules are maintenance free and do not come out of internal alignment.
The standard scanners can be run at a maximum of and a maximum scan angle of 48°..

The housing is built very durable and ideal for use on the road. Due to the dustproof housing, the maintenance effort is very low and the device is also suitable for tough touring applications.

The new 360° brackets can be safely fixed in the needed position in just a few moments thanks to the quick-lock system.Demanding graphics projections or projections over long distances are possible without any problems, due to the extremely good divergence.

INCLUDING LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard and ShowNET

The intelligent LaserAnimation Sollinger Mainboard is integrated into the RTI PIKO 65, which provides the laser operator with a variety of control and setting options (e.g. the LA.toolbox) or transmission options (such as AVB). Together with the ShowNET laser mainboard, which is also integrated, ILDA, LAN (software), DMX and ArtNET control, ILDA streaming, stand-alone operation, among others, are available, ensuring the highest possible flexibility.

Control signals can be looped through directly via the network switch, which is also integrated.
If the laser is operated in hot temperatures (above 35°C), please contact your key account for the required accessories.


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Control estándar ILDA externo:

Ilda Connector
Analog ILDA

Opciones de control opcionales (¡requieren modificación!):

Las opciones de control opcionales requieren modificaciones en la configuración general del láser. Otros modos de funcionamiento o compatibilidades pueden perderse.
Pangolin Logo
Pangolin Logo


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Potencia Garantizada en la apertura
65'000 mW
Potencia Rojo
24'000 mW / 637 nm
Potencia Verde
22'000 mW / 525 nm
Potencia Azul
30'000 mW / 455 nm
Espec. del Haz*
ca. 10 mm / <0.8 mrad
38 kpps@8° ILDA
Apertura Máx.
Tipo de Láser
módulos RSL
Modos de Uso:
ILDA, LAN (software), DMX, ArtNET, ILDA-Streaming, Stand-Alone; placa base láser inteligente ShowNET integrada con pantalla
Figuras Básicas
más de 120 (capas, túneles, vallas, olas, etc.)
cable de alimentación, manual, llave, interlock, incluye versión completa del software Showeditor
Clasificación IP
Fuente de Alimentación
85-250 V AC 50/60 Hz
Consumo Eléctrico
2500 W
271 x 491 x 296 mm
28 kg
*Debido a la tecnología de corrección óptica avanzada utilizada en nuestros sistemas láser, la potencia óptica de cada color dentro de los módulos láser instalados puede diferir ligeramente de la especificación de los respectivos módulos láser. Divergencia FWHM media según modelo.


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